Matt Blinsky
Extension 107
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Mike Bunday
General Manager
Extension 116
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Angie Stickney
HR/Safety Manager
Extension 106
Cell: 509-969-0084

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Jake Kerr
Shop Foreman
Extension 126
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Adam Doane
Midwest to West Coast Dispatcher and Wa/Or Regional Dispatcher
Extension 113
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Christine Potts
West Coast to Midwest Dispatcher
Extension 122
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Tracey Barnes
DelMonte Dedicated Dispatcher
Extension 127
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Mellissa Lenberg
Compliance Specialist
Extension 120
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Tera Logozzo
Extension 101
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Leanne Nichols
Extension 115
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Jessica Onica
FBT - Accounting
Extension 110
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Rafael Toscano
Freight Forwarder
Extension 114
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Crystal Weaver
Freight Forwarder
Extension 109
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Scott Buchanan
Warehouse Manager

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