Keep Your Products Cool During Transport

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We provide refrigerated freight services to all of the US

If your items need a temperature-controlled environment to remain fresh and safe to use, count on Floyd Blinsky Trucking, Inc. to get the job done. Our Yakima, WA refrigerated freight services will provide the cool environment your goods need.

Our professionals work directly with business owners to pick up and drop off their items. You can depend on us to plan out the most efficient routes for transporting your items quickly. Call 509-457-3484 now and let us start working out the necessary logistics for your refrigerated freight transport in the Yakima, WA area.

Refrigerated freight best practices

Are you worried about the proper transport of your perishable items? Here are some refrigerated freight best practices that we employ, so you can put your mind at ease:

  • We'll set the optimal temperature for keeping the shipment fresh.
  • We'll load the items quickly to minimize open-air exposure.
  • We'll keep track of the temperature during transport.

Get in touch with us today to ensure your temperature-sensitive items are transported safely.